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The Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century

In 1981, Frans Brüggen, Lucy van Dael and friends founded the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, consisting of fifty members from twenty different countries.

Six or more times a year the orchestra assembles to go on tour. The musicians, all specialists in eighteenth and early nineteenth century music, play on period instruments or on contemporary copies.

The wide-ranging repertoire this orchestra performs includes works by Purcell, Bach, Rameau, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn and Chopin, and has been recorded for Philips Classics and nowadays for The Grand Tour / Glossa.

In August 2014, the Orchestra had to say farewell to Brüggen. While the collaboration between the orchestra and its founding father came to an end with his death, Brüggen’s inspiration remains and will guide the Orchestra for years to come. The Orchestra continues the tradition of six or more projects a year, now by inviting guests and guest conductors to lead.

The Team

Kate Rockett, general director
Sieuwert Verster, general director (till September 2022)

Ineke Huijing, chef de bureau – part time
Laura Brüggen, production assistant – part time
Krzysztof Martynowicz, stage manager – part time
Oscar Enklaar, it & webmaster – part time
Megan Lloyd, social media – part time

Board of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century

Rien de Reede, chairman till 15-01-2023
Gerard van Westen, treasurer till 15-01-2023
Ruud van Hagen, treasurer as of 15-01-2023
Christa Widlund, secretary till 15-06-2023
Margaret Urquhart
Matthea de Muynck