Available from April 24 - May 10

International tour possible in smaller and larger venues; 16 musicians + soloist
target price: €20,000

Dutch star recorder Lucie Horsch and 18c present an attractive and varied program that tells the story of the influence on music of powerful women behind the scenes. Wealthy women had a surprising influence on the creation of new compositions during the time of the Republic of the Netherlands (1597 - 1795). Women like Anna of Hanover, patroness of Handel. Celebrating such power women of the 17th and 18th centuries, this program includes music by female composers such as Leonora Duarte and Francesca Caccini, as well as Handel and other composers supported by women, and covers a broad musical range from early to late Baroque. Of course, there are many fascinating stories to tell, and popular Dutch writer and historian (and also friend of the orchestra) Geert Mak helps us bring them to life.


Works of Caccini, Duarte, Fesch, Handel

Available from April 24 - May 10
Lucie Horsch recorder
Geert Mak advice


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