Conductor Manoj Kamps: 'You can't force inspiration. There is often struggle in creativity'

Manoj Kamps reads a lot. A lot. Boring? No, because knowledge provides new insights and inspiration for this conductor and theater maker. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Fusce ullamcorper dapibus nisl. In id dui. Nunc pulvinar erat et nibh. Integer sollicitudin. Quisque faucibus. Sed eleifend sapien sed nunc. Pellentesque congue leo et felis [...].

Only 9 more days until the premiere of our Così fan tutte. We can't wait!

Only 9 days to go until the premiere of our Così fan tutte in @Concertgebouw Brugge (Oct. 6)! Rehearsals are going great and the music and singers are absolutely amazing. Next week we will put the finishing touches on it when all the orchestra, singers, staging, costumes and lighting design come together. We [...]

Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century full of emotion from Beethoven

With concertmaster Alexander Janiczek leading the way during the first two programs, it was clear that developments were continuing. The expressive power Janiczek exuded in his violin playing gave a tremendous boost to the ensemble playing. The ferocity with which the bows were laid on the strings and the sharply profiled rhythm gave the Third Symphony, during the second [...]

Delft Chamber Music Festival 2023

We are still enjoying the concert we gave yesterday at the Delft Chamber Music Festival in the beautiful Oude Kerk. What a great venue and what a great audience. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and of course to the singers @Barbara Kozelj and Katharine Dain and conductor David Bates! Next [...]