Become a Friend of the Orchestra

We would be happy to welcome you as a Friend. The Foundation Friends of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century was established on 11 June 2015. It is there to support the Orchestra in the full width. 

To join, send an e-mail to You can also join by depositing € 100 or more to our foundation by online donation.

You can become a Friend with a yearly contribution of € 100. We will then add you to our database for the Friends Newsletter, and we will send you the Orchestra’s complete program. You will also receive an invitation to attend our yearly Friends Meeting.

Support the orchestra with a donation

Help us keep the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn alive.

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With an annual donation of € 250 or more, you will also receive invitations to attend rehearsals and access to other tours behind-the-scenes. Once you have joined, we will send you our Orchestra’s latest CD.

The foundation’s resources are only used for activities to the benefit of the Orchestra, such as concerts in the Netherlands and abroad.

The foundation is registered by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as a Cultural Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). That means that for donations to the Foundation Friends of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, there is an extra 25% tax deduction you can apply on your income tax return. Read more.